How old is Mr beast

How old is Mr. Beast? That’s a question that has been on the minds of his fans for quite some time now. He’s definitely one of the younger YouTubers out there, but his talent and success have far surpassed many of his peers. Regardless of how old he is, one thing is for sure – Mr. Beast is here to stay!

How Old Is Mr Beast

Mr. Beast is a popular YouTuber known for his unique video content and charitable donations. While his exact age is unknown, Mr. Beast is believed to be in his early 20s. He first started posting videos in 2012, when he was just a teenager. Since then, he has built up a massive following of over 20 million subscribers. In addition to his YouTube success, Mr. Beast has also become known for his generous donations to various charities. To date, he has given away over $1 million to causes such as cancer research and relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. With his talent for entertaining and his big heart, it’s no wonder that Mr. Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers around.

What He Did Before YouTube

Before he was Mr. Beast, YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson was just a regular kid growing up in North Carolina. He started making videos when he was 13, mostly comedic skits and challenges with his friends. His breakout moment came in 2012 when he uploaded a video of himself eating 100 McDonald’s hamburgers in one sitting – an impressive feat that earned him thousands of views and plenty of attention from the media. From there, Donaldson’s YouTube career took off, and he quickly became known for his over-the-top stunts and challenges. In 2017, he started the Mr. Beast channel, where he began posting longer-form content and collaborating with other popular YouTubers. Today, the Mr. Beast channel has over 41 million subscribers and counting – proof that Donaldson’s hard work and dedication to making quality content has paid off in a big way.

His Thoughts on Life

Mr. Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers out there, with over 50 million subscribers. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, but his fans know him as Mr. Beast. He’s famous for his elaborate and crazy stunt videos, but he’s also gaining a reputation for his philanthropy. He’s also given away tens of thousands of dollars to individual YouTubers and families in need. Mr. Beast’s impact goes beyond YouTube. He’s using his platform and influence to make the world a better place. And that’s something we can all be thinking about.

How YouTube Has Changed His Life

I would never have guessed that YouTube would change my life so much, said Mr beast. He also told that I started watching videos just for fun, but before long, I was hooked. I began to subscribe to channels and follow my favorite YouTubers. I even started making videos myself. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing. YouTube has introduced me to so many new things and allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. I’ve made some great friends and had some amazing experiences because of YouTube. Thank you, YouTube, for everything. Without you, my life would be very different indeed.


Mr. Beast is a  YouTuber who has over 9 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views across his videos. What’s even more impressive? He started making YouTube videos just four years ago, in 2014! If you want to learn more about how to be successful on YouTube, or online video marketing in general, Mr. Beast is a great person to watch and learn from. 

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